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This is a brief guide for installing this particular service-pack. As time moves on, post-SP patches will be added to this document. The information here is gleaned from Novell provided information, and the collective wisdom of the Support Forums.

Since the Service Pack was released in January of 2006, many patches have come out. The Service Pack as first shipped had a few major bugs in it, but not quite major enough to qualify for releasing a SP5a. All of the major bugs are now fixed in post patches. When applied with the post-SP5 patches, this Service Pack is quite stable.

You should be aware that SP5 is no longer the latest Service Pack. It is now superceded by NW65 SP6

Installing NW65 SP5 / OES-NW SP2

When the post-SP patches are included with the Service Pack, this process gives some real benefits. Chief among the benefits it greatly improved memory management, which has been broken in some way since NW65SP3 / OES-first-customer-ship. Application is recommended.

Expand the Service Pack

Expand it somewhere you have space. Like the README says, this should be done at the root-level of whichever volume you use since path-lengths can get long.

Verify SERVER.EXE is present

Some Antivirus software is configured to consider SERVER.EXE to be spyware and will not allow it to hit disk. McAfee VirusScan is well known for this. Verify that the file is present where it should be, under nw65sp5\STARTUP\SERVER.EXE. For details on this problem go here.

Unload java on your target server

Since the SP updates java, it needs to unload it. Java has a tendancy to not want to unload, so it will make your life easier if it is unloaded before you start. This may require a reboot to make happen. In extreme cases, AUTOEXEC.NCF may need to be modified so that JAVA doesn't start at all (Tomcat, Zen Agents, power monitors, and such).

Load NWCONFIG and apply the service pack

The method for installing a service pack through NWCONFIG is well documented in the README.

Reboot & Verify services

Reboot like you should and make sure things are working. If you had to uncomment things to get java unloaded, put them back here. If you've made any hand-edits to files such as httpd.conf verify their state before putting the server back into production.

Post SP5 Patches

Purge/Salvage on Traditional volumes

http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/search/searchtid.cgi?/10100419.htm When you attempt to purge or salvage on a Traditional volume, you get this error:

Error:  You do not have sufficient rights to complete this operation.

The patch has been released: http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/search/searchtid.cgi?/2973420.htm


http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/search/searchtid.cgi?/2973412.htm Updates to the NSS, CIFS, and AFP modules. Significant fixes.

Memory Fragmentation Issues (nw65os5a)

http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/search/searchtid.cgi?/2973639.htm Updated SERVER.EXE:

With NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 5 and Novell Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 2, 
customers have reported memory problems. These problems are typically identified with
 one or more of the following messages on the NetWare System Console:

"Server logical address space is running low ..."
"Short term memory allocator is out of memory ..."
"Cache memory allocator out of available memory ..."

An updated server.exe has been built to address these specific problems. This updated
code is designed to run on servers where memory tuning parameters are set to their 
default values. If memory set parameters have been modified (e.g., 
set auto tune server memory = OFF), this code will not perform as desired. Novell 
strongly recommends that all customers use the default settings for memory tuning 
set parameters before using this updated code. 

Update 1 (nw65sp5upd1)

http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/search/searchtid.cgi?/2974185.htm Novell has released "update 1" for NetWare SP5/OES-SP2. This includes two of the above updates, and two more. As this is the first time Novell has released an 'update' patch between NetWare service packs, there is no community consensus on how to treat them. These are patches that Novell feels confidant enough about to release as a batch. However, it is still a 'beta' update, much like the Novell Client 'updates'.

Post SP5 known issues

Memory tuning

There are known issues with memory tuning with the straight SP SERVER.EXE. A new SERVER.EXE has been released (see above) that attempts to fix the problem. As of July 2006, things look pretty firm that almost all of the memory tuning problems have been resolved. If you still have problems, check out the memcalc tool to help minimize the problem.

Incompatibility with Symantec Antivirus 10.0.2

When you attempt to unload Symantec Antivirus the server abends. No patch is currently availabe yet.