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Draft NW6.0 Wiki

Starting point for NW6.0 wiki -- for those who need to maintain older configurations.

NW6.0 is no longer supported. This page reflects community wisdom only.

Minimum Patch List

The following is from Jason Doering's post of Tue, 19 Sep 2006 14:19:12 GMT in novell.support.netware.6x.abends-hangs Message-ID: <A%SPg.562$6c7.89@prv-forum2.provo.novell.com>


Updated with <http://forums.novell.com/novell-product-support-forums/open-enterprise-server/oes-netware/oes-nw-abends-hangs/280949-abends-happing-every-three-hours.html#post1299283>

It is highly recommended to perform a rebuild of all NSS pools after applying this patch. Be sure to have a tested backup just in case.

Be sure to apply the appropriate encryption level for your server. The NICI set is only necessary for BorderManager servers.

Other files of note

Various library/TCP patches:

Note: Newer patches (nwlib6j, nwlib6k, and wsock6l) have not received thorough testing with NW 6.0 by Novell, but may work better for ancillary or third party products.

2007 Daylight Savings Patches:

NDPS/iPrint Updates:

These two patches are recommended if you are running NDPS/iPrint:

If you still have NDPS/iPrint problems with 11d, try 12c: Note: 12c has only officially been tested on NW6.5, so use at your own risk

If you upgrade the iPrint client to 4.11 or above, apply this patch:

Current iPrint client:

If you have any printers using HPGATE.NLM, get them moved to NDPSGW.NLM with this tool:


Patches to fix specific issues on NW6.0 SP5:

Abends with multi-pathing and RAID:

Page fault in NCP.NLM:

iPrint Client 2.02 hangs NDPS:

Anti-virus doesn't see file close events:

slp213 (only use if you are running a SLP DA on the NW 6.0 server):

Last FTP patch for NW 6.0:

You might also consider upgrading Java, especially if ZENWorks is installed:

2007 DST Changes

From the above list:

See DSTshift for more discussion.


Vendors are no longer updating drivers for NW6.0, but in most cases the drivers from NW6.5 will work just fine. Get newer ones either from your vendor or out of the current 6.5 service pack. Be sure to update firmware in your system, too -- some drivers are very dependent on matching firmware versions (especially HBAs and RAID controllers).

SixOh Documentation

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Room for Corrections

Looking forward to the sysops' notes on this page.