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Novell Remote Manager (NRM) only allows root to login to OES 2


  1. Either the Admin volume was not found or you don't have rights to access it
  2. error: pam_warn(httpstkd:auth): function=[pam_sm_authenticate] service=[httpstkd] terminal=[<unknown>]
  3. Feb 18 12:17:58 fs3 /usr/sbin/namcd[10801]: Starting namcd..
  4. Feb 18 12:17:58 fs3 /usr/sbin/namcd[10801]: namcd populating the user hash tables
  5. Feb 18 12:17:58 fs3 /usr/sbin/namcd[10801]: User profile file cannot be opened/does not exist
  6. Feb 18 12:17:58 fs3 /usr/sbin/namcd[10801]: Failed to populate user hash tables from file, namcd populating the hash tables from eDir
  7. Feb 18 12:17:59 fs3 /usr/sbin/namcd[10801]:

ldap_initconn: LDAP bind failed (error = [81]), trying to connect to alternative LDAP server

  1. Feb 18 12:17:59 fs3 /usr/sbin/namcd[10801]: Unknown error returned reading configuration parameter: alternative-ldap-server-list
  2. Feb 18 12:17:59 fs3 /usr/sbin/namcd[10801]: _nds_nss_struct_init: Error [226] in _nds_ldap_private_struct_init.
    1. this usually means the ldap certificate has expired.
  3. Feb 18 12:17:59 fs3 /usr/sbin/namcd[10801]: Problem in namcd initialization, exiting...
  4. Feb 18 12:18:01 fs3 /usr/sbin/namcd[10801]: Deleted hash tables and flushed data into local files
  5. Feb 18 12:18:01 fs3 /usr/sbin/namcd[10801]: Deinitialized threads


  1. findUserWithoutUIDAndGID
  2. pam_warn(httpstkd:session): function=[pam_sm_open_session] service=[httpstkd] terminal=[<unknown>] user=
  3. monitorChangesInLDAP: LUM configuration points to non-replica LDAP server. Persistent search is not supported for this configuration.
  4. /usr/sbin/namcd[4278]: findUserWithoutUIDAndGID: Return code from the search: [32]


  1. Documentation on LUM
  2. Using Iman to lum enable edir users
  3. OES 2 sp1 documentation on troubleshooting LUM

troubleshooting LUM

  1. rpm -qa | grep lum
  2. rcnamcd status should be running
    1. rcnamcd was NOT starting because the ldap server (MUST have replica for LUM) we were talking to had its KMO/cert expired (pkidiag), once that was fixed, namcd would start.
  3. rcnscd status
  4. to re-download the keys, namconfig -k
  5. ensure /etc/nam.conf is pointing to the correct ip addr/etc
  6. see also
  7. find lumdiag and RUN LUMDIAG (not released yet)
  8. turn on ldap debug
    1. ldapconfig set “LDAP Screen Level=all”
    2. or on NW modify the ldap group object and enable all ldap options
  9. get a supportconfig and review the lum.txt
  10. ensure rcnscd is STOPPED/not running
  11. screen -a
    1. ctr A ' "^A"
  12. tail -f /var/log/messages
  13. ldapconfig get
  14. namgroupadd -A -P -x ou=is,o=novell templumgrp
  15. ndsrepair -P
  16. nameconfig get | grep -i prefe
  17. nameconfig get | grep -i persis requires user ID to have a replica copy
  18. namuseradd -a cn=admin,o=novell -x ou=is,o=novell -g cn=templumgrp2,ou=is,o=novell minime


  1. One CASE we had to REMOVE the server from edir - this is EXTREME and typically you don't need to do that.
  2. ndsconfig rm -a cn=admin.o=org
  3. scrub script
    1. needed dos2unix