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Hello friends,

I have one doubt in edirectory. Before removing a server from the tree, I need to know about the reference that particular server holds. For example that server may have some users home directory, directory object path. In netware 4.11 we have DSMAINT tool. But we dont have any thing like that in netware 5 or above. Novell is talking about a tool called xbrowser. But i am not able to find anything like that.

plz help me regarding this.

with regards, nirmala

Basic Auditing Wiki

I'd love to see a WIKI about setting up Auditing. That is, setting up and utilizing whatever Auditing can be done 'out of the box' I am aware of Auditing Add-ons but I have seen many a post in the forums about simple auditing. What can be done Auditing-wise with an out-of-the-box install of Netware 6.5 What is involved with setting Auditing up and then reporting/using the Audits for information.

How to enable load balancing in NW 6.5

I'm testing load balancing in NW 6.5 but it's not working.

In INETCFG load balancing is enabled for the protocol and for the bindings.

But if I review the load TCP command it states: "LOADSHARING=OFF"