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This page was last modified on 06/10/2011

This wiki page details the compatibility and functionality of the HTC MotoQ with Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Connector. Please contribute relevant information or corrections in our effort to facilitate end-user experience.

Note: This page is not for reporting defects and bugs. Those should be reported in the Novell Forums. Only limitations that are consequences of the nature of the phone should be reported here.

Device Summary


Novell Certified for Data Synchronizer Mobility Connector?   Yes
Ease of Setup   Average
Email   Supported with Limitations
Contacts Supported with Limitations
Calendar   Supported with Limitations

OS Requirements:

Runs WinMobile OS.

Setup Instructions

Basic instructions on getting your Mobility Pack running on your MotoQ device:

1. Make sure that your Mobility Pack server is up and running and you have the following information:

  • Server address
  • Port
  • Whether the server requires a secure connection or not

2. On your MotoQ, go to Start > ActiveSync>set up your device to sync with.

3. Enter the required information per section:

  • Edit Server Settings
    • Enter Server address
    • Mark/unmark the check box to indicate if you require an encrypted (SSL) connection or if you do not
    • Select Next
  • User Information
    • Enter your Mobility Pack username
    • Enter your Mobility Pack password
    • Enter Domain.
    • Mark/unmark the check box to indicate if you want to save your password
    • Select Next
  • Options
    • You can chose what data you can synchronized just marking/unmarking the checkbox (Contact,Calendar,E-mail,Tasks).
    • To change the settings for Email and Calendar you just have to chose Menu>Settings> then change the settings that you want and hit Done
    • Hit Finish.


  • Settings from Contacts and Task cannot be changed.
  • If you want to synchronize data as default just hit finish.
  • Your account will be synchronizing once you hit finish.
  • If the account ever needs to be deleted on the Q, the steps are: Go to the ActiveSync icon. Select Menu -> Options. Exchange Server is highlighted. Select Menu -> Delete. This will delete the account on the device and leave it free to have either a new account added or the existing account recreated without having to do a hard reset of the device.

SSL Considerations

Moto Q just works using port 80.

How to configure your mobility server to use a self-signed cert for testing purposes


Working Features:

  • Send
  • Receive
  • Forward
  • Reply
  • Reply all
  • Delete
  • Move to Folder

Device Limitations (not defects):

  • Draft, Trash and Task folders do not sync with the device.
  • Cannot open mails received as "Forward as attachment"


  • To get synchronized folders created by the user you have to be in email section in the device and then go to menu->tools->manage folders and checking the folder you want to sync.
  • The exact steps for this are: Press Start - scroll down and select Messaging. Select Outlook e-mail. Press Menu and scroll down and select Folders. Press Menu, select Manage Folders. Now scroll up or down though the folder list, press Enter on each folder that should sync.


Working Features:

  • Device to GW
  • GW to Device

Device Limitations (not defects):

  • Special character (") does not appear in the Contact when you try to modify it.
  • New Contacts from the device are created in Frequent Contacts address Book in GroupWise.


  • To use GAL go to Contacts>"Company Address" and you can find users by first name, last name or email address


Working Features:

  • Accept
  • Decline
  • Modify

Device Limitations (not defects):

  • Device support multiple calendars from GroupWise but the show up in the main calendar of the device
  • Appointments created in the device will sync to main calendar in GroupWise


Other Notes


Please do not use this wiki to report bugs or defects. Instead, use the Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack Forum or contact Novell Technical Support.

Further Reading


Thanks to the contributors for this device information!

Monica Serrato