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Richard contributes over sixteen years of industry experience to the Novell Product Support Volunteer team. He is currently a Principal Architect with DSI Consulting, Inc. A semi-regular sysop and forum regular since 1989, Richard can be found mainly in the directory forums.

Professionally, his work is currently focused on the Directory: Identity Management, Integration and Security. Prior to joining DSI, Richard was a Senior Consultant with Novell Consulting and also served as a Network Administrator and Systems Architect in the healthcare and educational markets.

Richard has travelled the world listening to his clients needs and then designing and installing solutions that minimize complexity and maximize revenue.

Holder of a half-dozen CNEs, an MCNE and a CDE, he is also the co-author of the GroupWise 5.5 Administrator's Guide, by Sybex, Inc., and has been a speaker at numerous TechShare and BrainShare conferences.

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