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Rainer Brunold - Biedermannsdorf, Austria

I started working for Siemens as a field engineer in 1991 where I got a lot of Unix education. 1996 I moved to Vienna and started working for a insurance that built it's network on Netware 4. After getting a job offer from that company in 1999 I work now for them and I'm responsible for most of the Novell product concepts as well as all migrations and most of the 3rd level support for Novell products. Since last year (2007) we migrated our 250+ server Netware tree to OES linux and build most new solutions based on linux and virtualization technology.

The product range from Novell products starts at the traditional Netware to OES Linux and SLES, Bordermanager, Identity Manager, Access Manager, Zenworks Linux Management as well and so on