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Mark Robinson - Edinburgh, Scotland

Mark is a Linux consultant for NDS8 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He works with Tim Heywood in the hope that they might be able to stop geeking some day and actually get some work done!

Mark first met Unix systems in 1990 as a user at university and has never looked back. He left uni in 1997 and met the real world. After various encounters with Windows he retreated to the world of Linux in 1999 and has felt a lot better since. He started installing Linux servers for his clients shortly after, and his company became the first SuSE Advanced Partner in Scotland. He joined NDS8 and the Novell world in November 2004 and is thoroughly enjoying mixing with other geeks! As well as consulting he also runs Linux training courses - getting paid to talk about Linux, what more can life offer.

He occasionally makes it to his local Linux User Group - SLUG in Glasgow, and if he's really lucky he attends the Linux Beer Hike to mix with UberGeeks...