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Marcus Breiden - Mönchengladbach, Germany

Marcus started solving problems in 1969. In 1996 after a few years in the Air Force he joined forces with Novell and Microsoft. He became an Instructor of both curriculums and created several custom training courses which customers survived and actually were well received. In 1999 he turned away from the Darkside and joined Novell Education in Germany. He was one of the first CNIs to be allowed to teach Advanced Technical Training, based on his skills and eagerness to work hand in hand with Novell Support. From that time on he was stuck with the extremely rewarding task of pushing the ATT ZFD course to new heights in EMEA. In 2003 he left Novell to start his own company which specializes in customized training, security and network management. He still works for Novell Training Services to deliver the ZENworks ATT, he is a Novell Education Partner, Partner of ENGL.CO.UK and a hardworking Sysop in the Novell Support Forums. He and Shaun have a hate / hate relationship... both hate the fact that questions are not being answered and both hate it if customers are unsatisfied.... come and see their fight for answers and satisfaction in the Novell Support Forums.

Marcus lives in Germany at the moment, but lived for 8 years in the Netherlands. He understands/writes/speaks Dutch, English and German.

He likes to travel and enjoys working abroad, especially if the weather is better than in Germany.