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Online handle: "kgroneman"

Home town: Cedar Hills, Utah, USA

Hi. I'm one of the community managers here at Micro Focus. I have the privilege of managing the Knowledge Partner Program as part of my job.

My work life started when I was 14 years old working for my father in his construction company doing the grunt jobs. I worked with him in his commercial construction and millwork business until the economy in the state of Utah slowed way down in the 1980s and I decided to go back to school to finish my degree in Electronic Engineering. While in school, I bought myself an Apple ][ computer and I was hooked. A couple of guys from the CIA pulled me out of school one day just before my graduation and told me that because of my performace in electronics in school, they wanted me to come work for them. I did. I spent 5 years in the exciting service of my country but decided the lifestyle wasn't very family friendly, so one day in 1991 My wife Marilyn and I decided to quit and bring our family back to the USA, back to Utah where our families lived, and settle down to a "Normal" life.

I started working at Novell in August 1991 giving backline support for Gold Dealers. I joined the NetWire team on CompuServe shortly thereafter and became the manager of our SysOp program (since renamed Knowledge Partner program). I realized that the 'Many to Many' model of support was much better than a one to one call center. I moved our service from CompuServe to the Internet, where we are today. I lived through many mergers, the major ones being Novell -> The Attachmate Group -> MicroFocus. I also started and continue to manage the SUSE community. I'm privileged to be able to work with some really cool people in this job. You can read more about them below on their personal pages.

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