How to migrate from Netware into OES 2 if already in a SAN

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The SAN can be one of two types: Fiber Channel or iSCSI.

A Fiber Channel SAN requires hardware Fiber Channel cards to be installed in the OES 2 server. An iSCSI SAN can be configured completely via software on the OES 2 server.

The Fiber Channel Cards expose the SAN as disk devices. The iSCSI initiator is used to expose the iSCSI SAN disks.

The iSCSI initiator is configured via the yast2 iscsi-client GUI. A target discovery is performed. Knowing the IP Address of the SAN iSCSI Target is required for discovery. After the discovery a login is done. At this point the iSCSI SAN disk should be exposed as a device such as /dev/sdb0.

The exposed disk devices are then mounted using the Linux mount command as follows: mount /dev/sdx0 where x represents the exposed disk device.