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CSS Formatting?


I have a few questions about the formatting of the wiki and am curious if these can be updated by the Wiki admin:

  • The level 2 second header is smaller than the level 3 section header. This causes confusion and readability problems.
  • There is no "empty" feedback color on the discussion page tab to tell if the discussion page is empty or has content. Simply editing the CSS so that it is red when empty (like on Wikipedia) would help a lot.

--Justin Grote - JWG Networks 08:47, 6 March 2006 (MST)

Place to comment?

I would like anonymous users to comment on my articles if they don't want to actually change the article. Then, if the commentator is not willing to spend the time to rewrite or correct the article the author can take those into account and make the changes himself.

How do I go back?

I find it incredibly annoying that I can't go back or up a level to the parent category. On articles I create I manually create a link but not everybody else does that (nor should they have to).


i am trying to get nslookup to work with /etc/hosts without dns. tryed different config in resolv.conf and without, and some different nsswitch.config. but no suse 10.0 in vmware are there some ideas thanks

How to rearrange the environment variable PATH permanently.


I need some help on rearranging the PATH environment variable permanently.

I need to have a certain directory path ahead of another directory in the PATH variable.I have two exe's (say test.exe) with the same name in two directories say C:\temp1 and C:\temp2 and I would like the test.exe in C:\temp2 to be executed instead of the one in C:\temp1.C:\temp1 is ahead of C:\temp2 as of now. I need to move C:\temp2 ahead of C:\temp1.I do not intend to delete C:\temp1.

I need to do this from a command line and that too permanently. It is on Windows 2003 Server that I am trying.

I tried with SETX as below but I could only add additional path to the end of the existing PATH variable. eg;setx path "%path%;C:\temp2".

Is it possible to add a directory path to the beginning of the PATH variable. I have also tried setx path "C:\temp2;%path%" which made the entire PATH variable append to the existing PATH variable but did not add C:\temp2 to the beginning of the PATH variable.

As you might know,SET command allows to do string substituion(SET %PATH%:str1=str2%). I could not find similar syntax with SETX from help.

Could you please help me in this regard.

Is VBScript the only solution? If so could you please refer to some existing scripts which do this job.

I mistakenly posted this question in the answer section of a similar query.

Thanks in advance, Rohini Chandra.

14 - Attribute not found (NTFS related

i tried doing a multicast "with zenworks" and got "NTFS Attribute not found" on some pc's, and other pc's finished the multicast and the machines just keep restarting. all the machines are the same make,model, and OS "XP pro".