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GroupWise WebAccess on Windows 2003 IIS

GroupWise 7 SP2 (inc Hot Patch versions)

We've recently discovered a problem with the installation of the GroupWise WebAccess application on Windows 2003, IIS 6.0 when using the GW 7.0.2 download.

When performing a new installation (not an upgrade) from this directory, some of the files do not install correctly. When selecting your language and hitting go from the index page, you will receive 404 errors. To resolve this, run the same installation from a 7.0.1 directory.

PLEASE NOTE: Only install the Web Application. Do not overwrite your installation of the WebAccess AGENT that was created from the 7.0.2 directory. There are important fixes for the agent in SP2.

Alternately you can prevent the situation by first running the installation from the 7.0.1 directory and then upgrading the installation to the 7.0.2 distribution so that the correct links are maintained.

This is expected to be resolved in SP3

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