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You migh also want to consult GroupWise 8 Best Practices.


The Novell ConsoleOne Utility (C1) 1.3.6h along with the GroupWise 8 Snapin lets you consolidate mailboxes (user moves) from any number of post offices to any number of destination post offices. The GroupWise Inventory List (ILIST) utility in TID 2963477 has now been incorporated within the GroupWise 8 snapins and can be used to troubleshoot incomplete mailbox moves.

There is an excellent Cool Solutions Article submitted by Tommy Mikkelsen on User Moves. The sections here update or augment that article.

Things to do to Users before moving any mailboxes

  • All of the following should be done before starting any user move.
  • All Shared folders and Address books should have the sharing removed (this may relate to old clients only).
  • All Resources owned by Users to be moved MUST be reassigned

Database cleansing

  1. Update to the latest available ConsoleOne snapins. At time of this writing GroupWise 8 SP2 HP2 is the most current released code. Several issues related to user moves have been fixed in SP1 and later support packs.
  2. Update to the same GroupWise 8 agents for the source and target POA, source and target domain MTA, and primary domain MTA. Significant fixes exist with service packs and a consistency in the version used helps for user move issues.
  3. BE CERTAIN that there are no problems with administrative message replication in your system. (No Pending Operations on any domains, All Domains and PO Links are open)
  4. Check the system information first on the Primary Domain, then on the source domain and the destination domain. DO NOT proceed if the information on all three domains is NOT identical. (The resolution to this is a Top Down Rebuild)
  5. Run a Validate Database operation on any source and target domains to confirm there is no data damage.
  6. Then run the Validate Database on the source and destination Post Offices for the same reason.
  7. (optional) Run an expire/reduce on the source post office/users to reduce the amount of data that needs to be migrated to the new post office. The parameters for this need to be determined by your email retention policy.
  8. Run GWCheck (analyze/fix for structure/index and contents) on the source post office. Make sure to run two seperate jobs, One with options: Structure, Index, and Fix, and a second pass for the Contents with Fix. On the Contents check ensure that the Attachment check option is selected. If you are only moving a small number of users, you can run these GWChecks only on users that are moving to save time.
  9. Run an additional GWCheck Contents check and specify the individual users: Add the option DelDupFolders on the Misc tab for the Support options filed. Repeat until there are no more Problem 79 or Problem 30. If the Problem 79's persist - disconnect the user's GroupWise client (including Notify and the Address Book) an repeat.
  10. Examine the GWCheck logs from step 8 to notice any un-resolved issues by GWCheck.

Do Not Proceed with the user move if any of the following still exist!

  • Problem 82: Inaccessible attachment file errors. These are also referenced by error code C081 in the body of the GWCheck log. If these are present, you must run a Contents check with ATTCLIP option in the support options field.
  • Problem 79: Duplicate folder names errors. If these are present, you must run a Contents check with DELDUPFOLDERS option in the Misc options field until this error message is no longer reported. This can take many runs.
  • Error 83: Item failed to archive Identify the mailbox items that failed to archive and delete them prior to any attempt to move the user.10. Set the log level for both the source and target POA to verbose mode with enough logging of size and days to do your analysis of mailbox moves.

Things to do to the system before moving any mailboxes

Optimise the POA's for the user move

Increase the Max thread usage for priming and moves setting on the source and destination POA to 80%.

Increase the TCP Handler Threads to 40 on the source and destination POA. This will allow you to use more of the threads for your moves rather than reserving them for user traffic. Validate on the GWPOA that these changes did take effect by going to the GWPOA WebConsole > Configuration > Max Thread Usage for Priming and Live Moves > maximum Number of 1st Time Download Sessions = ## (Presumably you will be doing your move user project in an off-peak time and you'll want as much processing power dedicated to the moves as possible).

TIP: To optimize the Live Mailbox Move thread allocations on the Source GWPOA, you can bring up a second GWPOA instance dedicated to the Message Handing Threads which will put all Purge Operation activity on to this GWPOA instance. This way the Purge Threads will not stop any new allocations of Live Mailbox Move threads.

Autocreate Nicknames

In ConsoleOne, ensure that the autocreate nicknames on user move has been set.

GroupWise System Operations > System Preferences > Nickname Settings >Enable Auto create on user move. Select Always, Expire after: 28 days

Create a Restore Area

Use DBCopy or similar to create a Restore area before starting any move so that you have a recovery position should it be required.

Moving Users

Move the users

Exceptions to the Move

  • A User move will fail if the User is the owner of a resource
  • A User move will NOW move Trash to the new Post Office. No longer an exception!
  • Shared Folders and Address Books should also succeed. If they fail, please contact support.