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GroupWise 8 Best Practices


Building a GroupWise System is like building a House, it takes many aspects to make it all happen well. To build a House there is the Architect, the Structural Engineer and the Interior Designer.

The Architect gives the overall aspect of the House, the layout and the vision: The same is required from the architecture of a GroupWise system.

The Structural Engineer takes the plans from the Architect and makes sure that the construction will match what the Architect thought, the physical dimensions, loads and interaction is right for the design - that is what the System aspect of Design is for a GroupWise deployment.

Lastly when the basic structural building work is over, the Interior designer makes the place habitable with the right perception, ease of living and comfort. In GroupWise this side of life is the Services aspect with demarcation lines, standardisation, access protocols, service levels, support and tools.

GroupWise 8 Design Architecture

The Architecture and Design criteria to be considered when creating, modifying, or managing a GroupWise system. This sections contains the structure, layout and system component relationships, it takes the client brief and creates the base design.

GroupWise 8 Design System

Any GroupWise deployment should be planned prior to implementation. Sometimes the application of this concept by the administrators of smaller systems is done too casually. It is often difficult, sometimes very difficult, to implement best practices in an expanding system with legacy design hurdles in the way. Like the Structural Engineer, this section helps validate the Architectural design and makes them work in your world.

Use this section for reference to the key design criteria

GroupWise 8 Design Services

Often system administrators and implementers do not think of applications or their components as services. When an application is married to the resources of the environment in which it exists it is easier to envision them together as a service.

There are many and varied options for the optimisation of such components that make up the services, this section will assist in the deployment configuration. Think "fluffy" cushions...