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GroupWise 8 Best Practices

Active GroupWise Partners

This is list of partners who design, write and support third party applications for GroupWise. This list by its very nature is incomplete and is a work in progress.

Please note: This is not an area for consulting partners.


Founded in 1996, Caledonia has served the GroupWise community for over 10 years, providing electronic books, GroupWise Utilities and Integration Services. Caledonia is seen as one of the "go-to" places for GroupWise information.

Utilities (too many to list) Books & Guides as well as other third party vendors products are all available from:

Upgrade Guides Caledonia's upgrade guides have been assisting GroupWise administrators since GroupWise 6.
GroupWise Document Management Guides and Utilities to assist in the management and care of the GroupWise Document Management System.
GroupWise Mobility Guides to making the most of wireless devices and the GroupWise Mobility Server.


Novacoast is an IT professional services and product development company. Novacoast offers organizations our technological experience so they can make informed decisions and avoid costly IT mistakes. Novacoast combines their customers' expertise with our technical knowledge to rapidly deploy fixed cost solutions customized for their environment.



SilverDane® Archive™ provides organizations with a secure and efficient means of storing and locating email data, enterprise wide.

Email is the letterhead of the 21st century. As more people are able to send both corporate and personal communications quicker and easier than ever before, not only are email stores growing larger and getting out of control, but managing the content and ensuring confidentiality, compliance and best practise records management is becoming increasingly complicated for organisations.

Whether you are looking to efficiently manage your complex compliance obligations or simply the size of your GroupWise email store, SilverDane Archive offers a powerful way of unlocking corporate knowledge.

Designed from the ground up with scalability, compliance and archiving for large GroupWise systems as the objective, SilverDane Archive is the only email archiving solution for GroupWise that meets all of your organisation’s requirements.

The full functionality of SilverDane Archive is now available inside of the GroupWise client. All GroupWise items are captured by our SilverDane Archive Service as they are created in the post office, are single instanced, encrypted, indexed for full searching capability and secured away from people who shouldn’t have access to them. Policies can be created with the SilverDane Stubbing service to remove items from GroupWise based on item age, size or group, leaving a SilverDane Stub of that message in the GroupWise client.

Archive V3 Enterprise for GroupWise
Archive Discovery Edition


Serving the GroupWise community

Since its beginning in September of 2001, GWAVA has had a single focus; to provide the very best solutions to the Novell GroupWise community and to meet the unique needs of GroupWise organizations.

GWAVA has a rich history in the support and strengthening of GroupWise. With some of the most well known names in the GroupWise community driving the success of GWAVA, GWAVA has stayed focused over the years at enriching the GroupWise Administrator's experience.

All of GWAVA's products and services are focused on GroupWise. GWAVA has become the largest and most successful partner for GroupWise in the history of the GroupWise product. Millions of users have come to rely on GWAVA to fulfill their unique needs.

GWAVA has offices in North America as well as Europe and Asia/Pacific. GWAVA's people are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced in the GroupWise community.

Focus on our customers is what you can expect from the men and women who make up the GWAVA team.
GWAVA 4 GWAVA protects email at the POA, MTA, GWIA and SMTP.
Reload Hot Backup and Restore Solution for GroupWise.
Retain GroupWise Archive and Retention.
Vertigo GroupWise Client Management.
Redline Reporting and Monitoring for Novell GroupWise.
Reveal Auditing and Oversighting for Novell GroupWise.
WASP Anti-Virus protection for GroupWise WebAccess.
Guinevere The original Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam solution for GroupWise, low cost and extremely effective.
Gwavix GWAVIX protects Email (SMTP), Web (HTTP), and File (FTP) from receiving viruses or Spam.

Messaging Architects

Founded in 1996, Messaging Architects ranks among the industry's leading providers of Email Risk Management software and services. For over 10 yeas now, Messaging Architects has been delivering compliance and security solutions for Novell GroupWise based on a policy-driven and identity-management-based architecture.

Messaging Architects has a world-wide presence with offices in North America, the UK, EMEA, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Messaging Architects' applications address the needs for Policy, Security and Compliance in the corporate messaging infrastructure and are used by thousands of enterprise clients and millions of end users worldwide.

The Messaging Architects product portfolios is installed and supported via a world-wide channel of over 100 Certified System Integrators and IT Consultants, including Novell.

M+Guardian Policy-based, eDirectory-enabled Email Security and Content Filtering.
GWArchive Policy-based, eDirectory-enabled Email Archiving, Discovery and Compliance.
GWExtranet Publish GroupWise information and calendar items directly to the web.
GWTreecast Shared Folders management solution for GroupWise, integrated with eDirectory.
M+NetMail Extreme Email Engine.


"The GroupWise Integration Company"

Omni Technology Solutions is the leading developer of GroupWise integration solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, CRMs and line-of-business applications. In addition to its position as the leader in the GroupWise integration space, Omni delivers management and messaging solutions for Novell GroupWise, eDirectory and mixed Novell and Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange networks. Since 1999, corporate, government and education customers globally have deployed Omni's proven solutions to enhance the return on their existing Novell technology investments and to enhance their productivity and profitability. Omni works actively with its global network of Omni Authorised Partners and Resellers and Novell to serve our shared customers in the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions.

Omni - eControl Delegated, 'ZERO-Rights' user account management for Novell GroupWise and eDirectory.
Omni - Riva Managed Policies for GroupWise Policy-based, automated GroupWise content management (calendars, address books, rules, folders and more).
Omni - Riva Managed Applications for GroupWise Managed GroupWise signatures, secure and dynamic GroupWise distribution lists.
Omni - Riva Reports for GroupWise GroupWise Administration Reports (GroupWise Archive Paths, GroupWise Proxy, Rules, Shared Address Books and more).
Omni - Riva Integration for Microsoft SharePoint Transparent, server-side GroupWise integration for Microsoft SharePoint.
Omni - Riva Portal Integration for Microsoft SharePoint GroupWise Web Access Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint.
Omni - Riva Integration Server GroupWise integrations for SugarCRM, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SageCRM, GoldMine, info@hand, Bluefin and SQL databases (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Postgres).
Omni - EMU The ultimate tool for bulk creating, modifying, managing and deleting Novell GroupWise and eDirectory user accounts.
Omni - CCUweb Publish HTML-based web calendars based on Novell GroupWise accounts.
Omni - GWmerge Send customized, bulk email in Novell GroupWise.
Omni - Mobile GroupWise Mobile Messenger GroupWise Messenger for your PocketPC mobile device.

Donoma Software (formally ALI)

Donoma Software has been providing IP telephony applications such as Unify for GroupWise (formerly GW-Unify) since 2004. Our products are used around the world to help people be more productive in the healthcare, academic, government, financial, non-profit and commercial market sectors.

Today’s highly mobile workforce can receive office voicemail from their Smartphones and are no longer anchored to their desk phones. Customer Service reps can keep a single archive of voicemail and email. Teachers can stay in touch even when they are in the classroom. IT personnel can stay in touch even as they move throughout their support locations. Highly mobile workers are never out of touch. No matter what, with Donoma Unify for GroupWise, your entire team is connected — wherever they are.

It’s easy. Unify for GroupWise integrates your email and voicemail intuitively — so there’s no need for training. It works with your existing equipment, eliminating IT headaches.

And it’s affordable. You’ll start seeing the benefits right away — in your productivity and on your bottom line.



GroupLink's everything HelpDesk is a help desk solution designed to increase service levels while reducing workload, increasing customer satisfaction, and most importantly: keeps your business operating smoothly, consistently, efficiently and profitably.


Bringing the power of a full CRM solution to Novell GroupWise and Microsoft Outlook.


Documentum and eRoom integrations


Advansys, established in 1989, is an Australian software development house specializing in innovative business solutions. Building on a solid foundation of enterprise automation and productivity enhancement systems, Advansys has developed solutions for Novell GroupWise® for over twelve years, resulting in a deep understanding of the GroupWise product and its market.


Advansys Formativ is a revolutionary product suite enabling you to extend GroupWise in just about any way you want. It transforms GroupWise into a business solutions platform for both the enterprise and individual users, taking GroupWise well beyond 'out of the box' messaging and calendaring. With Formativ, GroupWise can adapt to fit your business needs like a glove.

Formativ solutions take advantage of the Formativ Framework, which extends GroupWise with unique capabilities, such as Formativ Portals. Overcoming traditional client limitations, the framework's highly modular and scalable design delivers customers the choice to add as many GroupWise enhancements as required, whether it is just one or hundreds. Please review our quick guide

Email Classification

Secure tagging for GroupWise messages

The Email Classification solution is designed specifically for GroupWise, enabling users to tag outgoing messages by adding subject or body text markings in a consistent and reliable manner.

This solution offers organizations a wide range of potential benefits, from tagging messages as business or personal items through to multiple tag categories for use in government departments or specialist applications. Tags deployed using Email Classification can improve correspondence security management and helps reinforce user responsibility for applying organization standards.

Archive To Go

Make your GroupWise mailbox portable!

When you need an on-demand portable snapshot of a GroupWise mailbox, whether it be for a user departing, inactive accounts, legal discovery or additional backup, Advansys Archive To Go is the tool to use. GroupWise is not required for accessing or performing high speed search of a portable archive!

Archive To Go can be operated by an end-user in Local access or administrators can use secure Enterprise access, which enables centralized mailbox export of any user's account without detection (the Administrator does not need to know the user's GroupWise password for Enterprise Mode operation).

Advansys PST Creator

Create an Outlook compatible mailbox with ease...

When you have need to convert your exported Novell® GroupWise® messages to Microsoft® Outlook format, use the Advansys PST Creator.

Desgined for use with Archive To Go and the Message Saver Pack, Advansys PST Creator exports one or more Archive To Go portable archives and Message Saver portable message folders to Outlook.

Applications include a user departing who uses Outlook at home and special software applications, such as legal discovery tools, which may require Outlook PST files.


Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST) is a leading developer of Unified Communications solutions with over 15 million users relying on its products and services to maximize their productivity. With three decades of innovation excellence, AVST is solely focused on delivering communications solutions that increase individual, group and enterprise productivity. Its flagship Unified Communications platform, CallXpress®, offers best in class interoperability, scalability and resiliency while delivering advanced call processing, voicemail, unified messaging, personal assistant, fax, speech and notification capabilities. With CallXpress, an organization can uniquely protect and extend its existing IT and telephony infrastructure investments — now and into the future.

Headquartered in Orange County, Calif., AVST maintains facilities in Seattle, Wash. and the United Kingdom and has remote sales offices throughout the United States. AVST's Unified Communications solutions are sold and supported internationally by an extensive network of resellers and OEM partners. For more information contact Denny Michael, Vice President of Marketing, at 949-699-2300 or access the company's website at

Research In Motion

BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise

Other GroupWise Partners

The GroupWise web site also maintains a list of GroupWise Partners.