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This guide serves as a set of considerations and guidelines for Novell® GroupWise® administrators. It is not a comprehensive instruction set and is not intended to replace product manuals. Administrators using this guide should consult product documentation, technical information documents (TIDs), and online help for further instruction regarding each of the guidelines offered here.

It is intended that this will be a “living document”; additional content will be added as it becomes available and content will be modified as necessary.

Please click on the links below for further information about each section.

Designing A Robust GroupWise System

GroupWise System Administration

Use only the latest version of ConsoleOne and the GroupWise 7 Snapins. To ensure that only the latest ConsoleOne snapins are used for administration, use the Admin Lockout Settings in the GroupWise System Preferences to disable older snapin versions in ConsoleOne

Administering GroupWise domains on Linux:

The safest way to administer GroupWise on Linux is to install ConsoleOne on the server that holds the domain you are connecting to. Customers running Linux have found great success with ssh -x and then running ConsoleOne. This does require ConsoleOne to be installed on each GroupWise domain server on Linux.

A GroupWise system on Linux can be safely administered from a Windows workstation. However, the following actions need to be performed:

If the Linux server is OES, you will need to turn on "CROSS PROTOCOL LOCKS" on the OES server. Enabling this lock will make OES recognize file lock issues through both SAMBA and NCP client connections. This lock can be enabled through ncpcon. In ncpcon, type "set CROSS_PROTOCOL_LOCKS=1" or add this line "CROSS_PROTOCOL_LOCKS 1" to the /etc/opt/novell/ncpserv.conf file. In addition make the following changes to the Novell Client for Windows "File Caching" set it to Off, "File Caching on Exclusively opened files" set it to Off, and "File Commit" set it to On. These setting can be found on the Advanced Settings tab of the Novell Client Configuration.

If the Linux server is SLES, and the connection is SAMBA, meaning ConsoleOne is running on a Windows workstation, run the GroupWise 7.0.2 or newer code. This has been modified to enforce the advisory lock.

A GroupWise system on Linux can be safely administered from a Linux client if the Novell Client version 1.2 or above is used. However, client file caching should be disabled. This setting can be found in the Protocol section of the System Settings of the Novell Client for Linux.

Do not run Linux version of ConsoleOne on remote Linux workstation using NFS connection to the Linux server.

Maintaining a Healthy GroupWise System

Keeping Your GroupWise System Secure

Deploying a New GroupWise System

2.1 Upgrading from a Prior Version
Migrating from NetWare to Linux
2.2 Migrating From Exchange

Active GroupWise Partners

5.1 Novacoast
"Novacoast is an IT professional services and product development company. Novacoast offers organizations our technological experience so they can make informed decisions and avoid costly IT mistakes. Novacoast combines their customers' expertise with our technical knowledge to rapidly deploy fixed cost solutions customized for their environment."
"Serving the GroupWise community
Since its beginning in September of 2001, GWAVA has had a single focus; to provide the very best solutions to the Novell GroupWise community and to meet the unique needs of GroupWise organizations.
GWAVA has a rich history in the support and strengthening of GroupWise. With some of the most well known names in the GroupWise community driving the success of GWAVA, GWAVA has stayed focused over the years at enriching the GroupWise Administrator's experience.
All of GWAVA's products and services are focused on GroupWise. GWAVA has become the largest and most successful partner for GroupWise in the history of the GroupWise product. Millions of users have come to rely on GWAVA to fulfill their unique needs.
GWAVA has offices in North America as well as Europe and Asia/Pacific. GWAVA's people are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced in the GroupWise community.
Focus on our customers is what you can expect from the men and women who make up the GWAVA team.
GWAVA 4 GWAVA protects email at the POA, MTA, GWIA and SMTP.
Reload Hot Backup and Restore Solution for GroupWise.
Retain GroupWise Archive and Retention.
Vertigo GroupWise Client Management.
Redline Reporting and Monitoring for Novell GroupWise.
Reveal Auditing and Oversighting for Novell GroupWise.
WASP Anti-Virus protection for GroupWise WebAccess.
Guinevere The original Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam solution for GroupWise, low cost and extremely effective.
Gwavix GWAVIX protects Email (SMTP), Web (HTTP), and File (FTP) from receiving viruses or Spam.

5.3 Messaging Architects
Founded in 1996, Messaging Architects ranks among the industry's leading providers of Email Risk Management software and services. For over 10 yeas now, Messaging Architects has been delivering compliance and security solutions for Novell GroupWise based on a policy-driven and identity-management-based architecture.
Messaging Architects has a world-wide presence with offices in North America, the UK, EMEA, and the Asia-Pacific region.
Messaging Architects' applications address the needs for Policy, Security and Compliance in the corporate messaging infrastructure and are used by thousands of enterprise clients and millions of end users worldwide.
The Messaging Architects product portfolios is installed and supported via a world-wide channel of over 100 Certified System Integrators and IT Consultants, including Novell.
M+Guardian Policy-based, eDirectory-enabled Email Security and Content Filtering.
GWArchive Policy-based, eDirectory-enabled Email Archiving, Discovery and Compliance.
GWExtranet Publish GroupWise information and calendar items directly to the web.
GWTreecast Shared Folders management solution for GroupWise, integrated with eDirectory.
M+NetMail Extreme Email Engine.

5.4 Omni
"The GroupWise Integration Company"
Omni Technology Solutions is the leading developer of GroupWise integration solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, CRMs and line-of-business applications. In addition to its position as the leader in the GroupWise integration space, Omni delivers management and messaging solutions for Novell GroupWise, eDirectory and mixed Novell and Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange networks. Since 1999, corporate, government and education customers globally have deployed Omni's proven solutions to enhance the return on their existing Novell technology investments and to enhance their productivity and profitability. Omni works actively with its global network of Omni Authorised Partners and Resellers and Novell to serve our shared customers in the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions.
Omni - eControl Delegated, 'ZERO-Rights' user account management for Novell GroupWise and eDirectory.
Omni - Riva Managed Policies for GroupWise Policy-based, automated GroupWise content management (calendars, address books, rules, folders and more).
Omni - Riva Managed Applications for GroupWise Managed GroupWise signatures, secure and dynamic GroupWise distribution lists.
Omni - Riva Reports for GroupWise GroupWise Administration Reports (GroupWise Archive Paths, GroupWise Proxy, Rules, Shared Address Books and more).
Omni - Riva Integration for Microsoft SharePoint Transparent, server-side GroupWise integration for Microsoft SharePoint.
Omni - Riva Portal Integration for Microsoft SharePoint GroupWise Web Access Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint.
Omni - Riva Integration Server GroupWise integrations for SugarCRM, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SageCRM, GoldMine, info@hand, Bluefin and SQL databases (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Postgres).
Omni - EMU The ultimate tool for bulk creating, modifying, managing and deleting Novell GroupWise and eDirectory user accounts.
Omni - CCUweb Publish HTML-based web calendars based on Novell GroupWise accounts.
Omni - GWmerge Send customized, bulk email in Novell GroupWise.
Omni - Mobile GroupWise Mobile Messenger GroupWise Messenger for your PocketPC mobile device.

5.5 ALI
5.6 GroupLink
5.7 NetCB
Documentum and eRoom integrations
5.8 Advansys
Hummingbird integration
5.9 AVST - Unified Messaging
5.10 MC Consulting - - GroupWise Experts -
5.11 KIS
KISâ„¢ is a leader in developing & helping our clients deploy IT Solutions that solve business problems, leading the way with advanced Novell Solutions  :::As the premier Novell Platinum Partner in Northern California, KIS provides high-end corporate and enterprise computer systems and related products to our Clients”
Our capabilities provide our Clients, companies of any size, with a complete and customizable solution to manage every aspect of the systems life cycle
KISâ„¢ experience helps our Clients qualify for the best software volume licensing programs from a wide range of vendors, highlighting Novell solutions
In the GroupWise technology sector KIS has deployed both routine administrative GroupWise systems that just run, advanced messaging systems with unified messaging & sophisticated document management, and the largest 24,000-user GroupWise Cluster on the West Coast - providing 5 x 9s of high performance reliability since KIS installed it 3 years ago
5.12 Caledonia
Founded in 1996, Caledonia has served the GroupWise community for over 10 years, providing electronic books, GroupWise Utilities and Integration Services. Caledonia is seen as one of the "go-to" places for GroupWise information.
5.13 Marvin Huffaker Consulting, Inc. (Team RedJuju)
Marvin Huffaker Consulting, Inc. is a professional services technology firm and a Novell Platinum Partner based in Chandler, Arizona. Our expertise is with messaging and collaboration, with GroupWise services and support as one of our specialties.

Moving GroupWise Users

Frequently Asked Questions

How many users can I have in a Post Office?
What hardware does Novell recommend?
How many messages can a post office and domain handle in an hour?
Why should I deploy GroupWise services on Linux?
When migrating GW systems, how many users should I expect to move in an hour?
When migrating from Exchange, how many users should I expect to move in an hour?
How many users can one WebAccess server handle?

Tools for Troubleshooting

Working Real World System Configurations


1 Design the back end to handle the traffic my organization will produce
1.1 Formulas for determining the traffic my organization will produce
1.1.1 How many users will I support?
1.1.2 How much traffic does each on generate on average
1.1.3 How much external traffic?
1.1.4 What are the use patterns of different user segments? On-campus At home Mobile Sales reps, managers, civil servants Remote office Usage patterns Heavy: Project manager, researcher, legal assistant, CSR, sales rep, professor, administrator 25 sent, 100 received per day, 300MB mailbox E-mail, calendar, tasks, folders, contacts You should only have 1,000 of these per post office Medium: Engineer, purchasing agent, civil servant 10 sent, 25 received per day, 200 MB mailbox E-mail, calendar Light: Student 5 sent, N received per day, 50 MB mailbox Only E-mail
1.2 What are my server requirements?
1.2.1 How many servers?
1.2.2 Hardware requirements per server? POA MTA GWIA WebAccess
1.2.3 How many agents should I have? POA MTA GWIA WebAccess
1.2.4 What software does it work on?
1.2.5 When and why to virtualize
1.2.6 How many POAs should I run on the system?
1.3 To cluster or not to cluster?
2 Provision users and their systems
2.1 What are the hardware requirements?
2.2 What operating environments?
2.3 User ids, names and addressing options
2.3.1 pek: I need to understand aliases, iDomains, nicknames, and PO aliases
3 What user behaviors should I encourage?
3.1 What is the best way for users to handle e-mail at home?
3.1.1 WebAccess is great for occasional e-mail, calendar and task checks
3.1.2 All users are free to use any fat client at home for personal uses, with their own e-mail servers
3.1.3 Encourage them to use the calendars for all of their appointments
3.2 When should users use WebAccess?
4 How to support mobile users
5 How can I make the system meet security and compliance requirements (how can I make sure the management team's butts are covered?)
5.1 Hygiene: blocking SPAM and viruses
5.1.1 GWAVA
5.1.2 GWGuardian
5.2 When to enable SSL
5.3 Backing the system up
5.3.1 Nightly
6 Make GroupWise work seamlessly with other systems
6.1 Working with other e-mail systems
6.1.1 Internet Addresssing
6.2 working with eDirectory
7 Keeping the system healthy
7.1 Keeping software on clients up to date
7.2 Keeping software on servers up to date
7.3 GWCheck: keeping the GroupWise Message Store clean
7.4 Scheduled maintenance, daily, weekly, and monthly
     There are a total of five (5) jobs that should be applied to every post office agent
7.4.1. Check and fix the structure of the information store nightly.
     Create an event (and enable it on each POA) that checks the structure of User, Message, and Document
     databases each evening during the week. Schedule this operation to run before the nightly backup.

7.4.2. Check and fix the contents of the information store weekly.
     Create an event (and enable it on each POA) that checks the structure and contents of User, Message,
     and Document databases over the weekend. Schedule this operation to run following the Friday night
     backup. Review the log files Monday morning to determine the health of your message stores.
7.4.3. Run Reduce Only to manage database sizes.
     Run Reduce Only on the information store at least weekly to manage the sizes of the GroupWise
     information store databases.
7.4.4. Disk Check
     The Default Disk check should be active with a size (MB) based "Trigger actions at" level equivalent
     to 5 MSGXXX.db files or more.  When the Disk check is triggered, the Agent enabled a reduce that
     requires additional disk space to do the copy and therefore this should be of the order of 1GB
     In addition the "Stop Mail Processing at" should be enabled and set to ensure that no Post Office
     damages it's databases by running out of disk space. This should be set at 50% of the Trigger value
7.5 Keeping databases within manageable limits
7.5.1 Purging policies
7.6 How often to run QuickFinder indexing

GroupWise Mobile Server