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GroupWise Mobile Server Quick Start

GroupWise Mobile Server Documentation

  1. Methods for removing GroupWise Mobile Server
  2. GroupWise Mobility Online Documentation
  3. Secure Gateway PDF
  4. GMS Install Guide

GMS Server Build Checklist

  1. RegMod for GMS servers with 2 GB or larger

Scenario 1

  • Secure Gateway Server (Private NIC x.x.x.12) (Public NIC x.x.x.5)
  • GroupWise Mobile Server (x.x.x.11)
  • MS SQL server (x.x.x.10)
  • POA (x.x.y.10)

High Level Install Steps - Scenario 1

  1. Install the Secure Gateway (Install the secure gateway 1st)
    1. REBOOT! Don't try to restart services, you MUST reboot
  2. After the Secure Gateway Server has been rebooted install the GMS on the GMS server
    1. With GMS 2, ensure IIS is disabled!!!
    2. Note that the NW client MUST be installed on the GMS Server if you plan to use "Trusted App".
    3. Note One can NOT select "Trusted App" during the install, this must be done later.
    4. After the install and you are ready to setup trusted app - make sure to hit apply! Not register once you get your key
    5. Note, if you get MSI errors 1601 etc, try running chkdisk /f (run on next reboot)
    6. After the install go to Services and ensure all 4 Services have user credentials. Note that only one service has the correct credentials. Ensure all 4 have user credentials.
    7. Address to Secure gateway is very picky. Here is an example tcp://ipOfSecureGateway:8865 Note you need the localhost AND the Secure Gateway's address.
    8. Reboot the GMS server
  3. Setup Accounts
    1. Go the http://IpAddrOfGMSbox | login as a GroupWise user | set your timezone info | often you'll want to select the left hand side to send a text/SMS message to your phone in order to download the GMS client.


  1. Any changes requires a restart of services (Generally).
  2. netstat -na | more look for ports that are common
    1. Secure Gateway on the public NIC shoud be listening on port 3102, 80 and 443 (incoming from the Internet)
    2. Secure Gateway Private NIC should be listening on 8865
    3. Secure Gateway Private NIC should be listening on port 80
    4. POA should be listening on SOAP port 7191
    5. GMS Server should be listening on 80 and 8191
  3. Important GMS troubleshooting URLs
    1. From the GMS server go to: If you can go to this, with success then your system is registered with intellisync.
    2. http://DNSnameOfGMSbox/sgadmin
    3. http://DNSnameOfGMSbox/sgadmin/status.html One of the most helpful URLS
    4. http://DNSnameOfGMSbox/admin/diag
    5. Note, if your internal DNS is not correct. It appears to use some kind of v-hosting, so you'll need to go to it by DNS name! So hack the c:\windows\system32\driver\hosts put the IPaddress
  4. If the authentication source is removed in GMS then all of the users authentication sources will be changed to intellisync instead of GroupWise even if you repopulate the authentication source and each needs to be changed manually back to GroupWise.
  5. If a single user was syncing, and now it's stopped working, try a hard reset of the device. If that doesn't solve it, try to delete the user from GMS and perform a second hard reset of the device.
  6. If none of the users are syncing and nothing new appears in the WebPIM, yet a restart of GMS causes new items to appear initially but then no new additional items appears after that, verify that no firewall is blocking port 8191/tcp from the POA to GMS.
  7. Enabling sync on an address book where there are thousands of contacts in the corresponding mobile device's category may cause 820E errors on the user's user database to appear in the POA. If this happens, you will have to delete and recreate the user in GMS. Then do not enable syncing for that address book/category. The user will need to recategorize the contacts, making sure that the categories which are configured to sync do not contain as many contacts.
  8. Phone messages do not sync at this time. The only work around is to create a rule in GW that automatically forwards a phone message to yourself. Then it will become an e-mail which will sync.
  9. enabling verbose logs
    1. http://DNSnameOFGMSbox/diag | logging | Email Accelerator | enable verbose
    2. You may also want to enable verbose for a particular user. http://DNSnameOFGMSbox/diag | Email Accelerator | all accounts | select problem user | Verbose Logging click ENABLE
    3. At the very bottom of https://DNSnameOFGMSbox/admin/diag/pimsettings.jsp You'll see a "Add Property". Note this is case sensitive
      1. PROPERTY= GroupWise.LoggingLevel Value= 10
      2. PROPERTY= GroupWise.VerboseUser Value= username

Additional TIDs or docs for GMS

  1. More then 2 gigs or memory on the server causing Internal Server Error - ASP error
  2. Methods for removing GroupWise Mobile Server
  3. Is GMS supported on VMWare?
  4. Unable to synchronize contacts with GroupWise account(s) through GMS
  5. How to configure a mobile server with two GroupWise system
  6. GroupWise Mobile Server performance is slow.
  7. GroupWise Mobile Server Uncertified Devices Known to Work

Things to have done before opening a call

  1. Current log files when the problem is occuring along with any specific info regarding any users or occurance that is happening.
  2. GMS Version?
  3. How much memory on the server if more then 2 gigs have you changed the registry?
  4. Has a reset and or delete of the user with the problem made any difference?
  5. What database they are using?
  6. Do they have a multiple server setup ie do they have the database on a different server then the one gms services are running on?
  7. If they have just updated the server and not able to access the webpage have they restarted the server?
  8. If database is running on a different server then the GMS services do each of the GMS services have rights to the remote server?
  9. If issue seems to be device specific have they done a hard reset on the device?
  10. If using trusted app and mail flow stops working have you regenerated a trusted app key?


  1. Q: How to save Battery Life
  2. A: Setting up SMS push saves battery, your phone does not keep a constant connection to the internet and your email is delivered via SMS, if you do not have an unlimited SMS plan this can get expensive.
  1. Q: Which takes precedence - the phone or the backend?
  2. A: Sync settings are on the phone, although similar settings are both on the phone and the device, the phone wins. Settings on the server tell the server what to do, settings on the phone tell the device what to accept.
  1. Q: New address book does not sync to GMS or the phone.
  2. A: New address book does not have any contacts so will not sync the address book even if is told to sync.
  1. Q: Folder does not show up in WebPim or wireless device that has been selected to sync.
  2. A: No mail within the amount of days specified to sync is in the folder so it does not sync until there is mail in that folder in that date range.
  1. Q: Why in GMS 2 do you have to double click everything to open on a windows mobile device?
  2. A: It was a design decision to have everything work with double clicks rather then single clicks.

Configuring GMS to use httpS/SSL

You may find this information hard to find in the documentation, so here it is.

To Force website access to use https, please follow the steps listed below

  1. Click Start | Programs | Intellisync Mobile Suite | Admin Console
  2. Right Click on "Intellisync Mobile Suite" and click Properties
  3. Click the General Tab
  4. Put a check mark on "Force website access to use HTTPS"
  5. Click OK
  6. Restart the Intellisync Mobile Suite Services


  1. Section 2 | Configuring secure gateway to route http

Configuring Push Theft/Loss Command to the device

Unable to connect to the Intellisync Mobile Suite server hostname on port 8788. Ensure that Intellisync Mobile Suite is running on the server.
Change the "Internal Server Name" field to point to the Internal Groupwise Mobile Server (not the secure gateway).

Back ground
From the admin side of things you want to send a "kill packet". So, as an admin you are on the inside and will send it to the outside right? So, lets configure that section for the internal GMS server and not the secure gateway.

On the GMS box, look on the server name tab in the admin console and look to see what the 4 boxes are configured as. Likely there is a </i> Internal Server Name" field</i> you can point to the internal DNS of the GMS server (not the Secure Gateway).

Setting up Trusted App

  1. Requires NW Client
  2. One must do it after the install and NOT DURING THE INSTALL
  3. run c:\program files\intellisync mobile suite\PIM\gwTrustedapp.exe with the UNC to your Domain directory. From a DOS BOX
  4. Once you have the KEY, copy/paste this to notepad and then copy/paste it into the GMS MMC console (see below) and Click APPLY

Odd Issues

If the former GMS box is NOT up, then it fails to deliver messages to the new GMS server/devices

A common practice is to pilot a new system in vmware. Once proven good, the system is built on a real hardware server.

SYMPTOMS: Customer unable to get email unless the old GMS box was booted up (the GMS services were STOPPED and the sybase DB service was STOPPED), yet so long as the BOX was UP it would work. Power it off and it would fail.

TROUBLESHOOTING: With the services OFF and changing the port in the registry from 7191 to 8191 (hklm\software\synchrologic\install\mailserver\GWPORT) a packet trace showed the POA trying to SYN (FROM THE POA TO THE GMS BOX) and the GMS BOX would give a RESET/RST because it was NOT listening on that port.

FIX: Because of event notification based on the GW user, the POA is trying to contact the old GMS box. So, if the old GMS box deletes the users (with the services running and communicating with the POA) then that tells GW not to talk to the old GMS box anymore.

It was found that after deleting the users the POA no longer tried to SYN the Old GMS box and it no longer showed up in netstat -na > c:\net1.txt (even with the services RUNNING on the old gms box). Back to GroupWise Mobile Server