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This guide serves as a set of considerations and guidelines for Novell GroupWise® administrators®, for resolving the Errors and Problems that are listed within the report from GWCheck as the stand alone product, Via ConsoleOne or as a scheduled event.

This information here is for GroupWise 8 and the resolutions for earlier versions can and will differ!

It is a comprehensive instruction set however it is not intended to replace product manuals. Administrators using this guide should also consult product documentation, technical information documents (TIDs), and online help for further instruction regarding each of the guidelines offered here.

It is intended that this will be a "living document"; additional content will be added as it becomes available and content will be modified as necessary.

GWCheck Problems

In the past, these were the "Correctable" items of the report, however many of then actually require some intervention to resolve.

Problem Number Description Explanation Resolution/Fix
1 Attachment files referenced in DBs but not found File for attachment lost from file system Fix: Currently none; (Restore from backup?)
2 Attachment files found but not referenced in DBs File found in attachment directory that is not referenced Fix: Delete File
3 LIN_ATTACHMENT_RECORD found but not used Record found in message database that was an attachment to an item, but is no longer referenced Fix: Delete record
4 Reason Explanation Fix
5 Reason Explanation Fix
6 Reason Explanation Fix
7 User Attachments found but not referenced Explanation Fix
8 Reason Explanation Fix
9 Records missing critical fields Explanation Fix
10 Reason Explanation Fix
11 Reason Explanation Fix
12 Reason Explanation Fix
13 Database with structural problems Most can be fixed with a standard structure check run against the user account or database file name. If the structural issue cannot be repaired as in the case of corruption a restore from backup or strurctural rebuild may be required. Either may result in some data loss. If the structural issue is due to missing index files the next manual or scheduled QuickFinder indexing run will resolve the issue. Fix: Physical (Flaim) rebuild of database From NTS if required
14 Msg db records, LIN_ATTACH_DRN with NULL values Explanation Fix
15 Reason Explanation Fix
16 Msg records, LIN_ATTACH_DRN pointing to missing records Item in message database points to missing attachment Fix: Fixed by GWCheck - create record with dummy message ("This attachment was lost")
17 Reason Explanation Fix
18 Reason Explanation Fix
19 MSG host recs, LIN_DRN pointing to missing record Explanation Fix: Fixed with a standard analyze/fix check for content
20 Reason Explanation Fix
21 Databases on the disk but not in ngwguard.db Explanation Fix
22 MSG user recs, LIN_DRN pointing to missing record Explanation Fix
23 Databases in Store Catalog, not in Address Book The NGWGUARD database contains a record for a user that doesn't exist on the post office. This can occur when a user has been deleted or moved and the physical user database has not been deleted from disk. The most likely culprit is a communication failure amongst domains during the administrative action. Fix: In the event of an incomplete move the stuck move should be resolved first. This may require the administrator to force the move to complete but only as a last resort. In the event of an incomplete deletion resolve this issue first by ensuring all domains agree on the user information. Once the deletion or move status of the user is confirmed to be complete running a structural rebuild on the target user database file will force it to be dropped from the NGWGUARD.DB file.
24 Reason Explanation Fix
25 Item records found with no FOLDER_DRN Explanation Fix
26 Reason Explanation Fix
27 Reason Explanation Fix
28 Reason Explanation Fix
29 Reason Explanation Fix
30 Improper folder parent found- rec, type Folder records found with improper parents... No, not that type of parents!!! This indicates that some root folders (sent items, calendar) have been moved out of the root In GW2012 a normal contenst check will fix this - earlier versions a contents check of the user database with the RESFLDR misc switch will sort the problem
31 Reason Explanation Fix
32 Records found with improper folders Explanation Fix
33 Reason Explanation Fix
34 User database records found with unknown types Explanation Fix
35 Rule records with invalid action parameters Explanation Fix
36 Reason Explanation Fix
37 Item records with missing database records Classic cause for the D107 message as seen from a client. The user database has pointers to messages that don't exist in the message database(s). Fix: Running a standard analyze/fix content check against the user and message databases resolves the issue(s).
38 Reason Explanation Fix
39 Unrecognized or invalid files in mail directories or Unknown file These can be renamed database files from maintenance operations or GWCheck log files. Database files renamed by maintenance processes will have extensions such as .dba, .dbb, .dbc etc. Fix: Nothing to fix here. These files will be deleted when they age out or as the check runs. In the event they are not they can be deleted manually.
40 Invalid MSG records found Explanation Fix: Fixed with a standard analyze/fix check for content
41 Reason Explanation Fix
42 Reason Explanation Fix
43 Item records found with missing user attachments Explanation Fix
44 Reason Explanation Fix
45 Reason Explanation Fix
46 Message db reads that failed due to structural problem Explanation Fix
47 Subscribe records pointing to invalid user Explanation Fix
48 Reason Explanation Fix
49 User databases found for non-existent users Explanation Fix
50 Reason Explanation Fix
51 Reason Explanation Fix
52 Outdated search records found Message is informational Fix: Resolved with the analyze/fix content check that reported the issue(s)
53 Reason Explanation Fix
54 Prime user database puxxxxxx.db not referenced Explanation Fix: No fix required. The database will be dropped from the ngwguard.db catalog file and will be recreated if the shared folder(s) or address book(s) it supports still exist.
55 Reason Explanation Fix
56 Reason Explanation Fix
57 Reason Explanation Fix
58 Reason Explanation Fix
59 Reason Explanation Fix
60 Reason Explanation Fix
61 Reason Explanation Fix
62 Reason Explanation Fix
63 Reason Explanation Fix
64 Reason Explanation Fix
65 QuickFinder temp files in index directories Message is informational Fix: Resolved with the analyze/fix content check that reported the issue(s)
66 GWCheck log files in log directory Explanation Fix
67 Outdated execution records. (notify/alarm) Message is informational Fix: Resolved with the analyze/fix content check that reported the issue(s)
68 Reason Explanation Fix
69 Reason Explanation Fix
70 Error in library sync with host db Explanation Fix
71 Shared folder references with invalid senders Explanation Fix
72 Document elements without version objects Explanation Fix: Run an analyze/fix Library operation selecting Verify library, Fix document/version/element and Verify document files
73 Documents without version objects Explanation Fix: Run an analyze/fix Library operation selecting verify library, Fix document/version/element and Verify document files
74 Reason Explanation Fix
75 Reason Explanation Fix
76 Folders/books with distribution list problems The usual culprit here is one or more recepients of the shared folder or address book didn't accept or deleted it Fix: have the owner review the properties of the shared item and remove the users that have not accepted it or deleted it from the share list
77 Attachment records opened but not readable This can occur when attachment files are referenced correctly but not readable due to missing trailer info or corruption Fix: If these are present run a contents check against the with ATTCLIP support/misc option. Running a normal content check following this should verify the issue has been resolved.
78 Item records with invalid fields Record has additional or missing database fields or entires Fixed as part of the check run that reported the problem
79 Duplicate folders Exist Folders in GroupWise have a number and a label. In this case two folders (different numbers) have the same label. Fix: Run a GWCheck job, Contents, User DB with the Misc switch "DelDupFolders" to resolve this. Note: You may have to run this multiple times and/or use the stand alone version of GWCheck
80 Reason Explanation Fix
81 Reason Explanation Fix
82 Inaccessible attachment files These are the result of orphaned attachment files. Fix: If these are present run a contents check against the with ATTCLIP support/misc option. Running a normal content check following this should verify the issue has been resolved.
83 Item failed to archive Explanation Fix: One can use the information in the gwcheck.log file, such as message subject, date, etc. to identify the problem message in the user's mailbox and delete it.
84 Reason Explanation Fix
85 Reason Explanation Fix
86 Reason Explanation Fix
87 Special Cleanup Returned when record cleanup support options are run such as "DELSUBSCRIBERECORDS" Fix: No fix required.
88 Reason Explanation Fix
89 Users exceeding defined size limits Explanation Fix
90 Threshold limit exceeded. Current size:KB The User has consumed more than x% (The threshold) of their allocated mailbox size Fix: None - Informational
91 Database in Store Catalog (ngwguard.db) but not found on disk A database (normally a USER database) exists in the store catalog (the ngwguard.db) but is missing (deleted) from the disk Fix: Drop the database from the store: Run the Standalone GwCheck and Set options as follows: Check "post office" Radio button for database type; select the post office directory; Enter the Post office; In the Object type field select the Radio button for user / Resource; Enter the file the error referenced. IE: userXYZ.db; From the Action Drop down box select Structural Rebuild; Leave all other settings at default Click Run; The resulting log should show an error -26 on the file name typed IE: userXYZ.db. Error -26 indicates that the file was not found on disk and therefore will be dropped or removed from the Ngwguard.db. Restart the POA (The Ngwgaurd is cached when the post office is started and will need to be cleared)
92 Reason Explanation Fix
93 Unused BLOB file (missing trailer, deleted) For reference only, the Blob file should have been cleaned up during the run Fix: No fix necessary. The file will be deleted during the check.
94 Shared AB references with invalid senders Invalid owner for referenced shared address book Fix: GWcheck will Remove the Address book
95 Fail to create database action task Sub task created for specific database failed Fix: None- Rerun GWcheck run, if teh error persists contact NTS
96 Records found with duplicate invalid fields Record in user database has invalid duplicate fields Fix: None - GWCheck clipped all but first instance of the field.
97 Excess system category record Redundant (repeated) system category record Fix: Informational - GWcheck will remove the excess system category record
98 Missing one or more category fields Category records missing fields... Fix: None- GWcheck will have added the missing fields with default values.
99 Duplicate category names multiple system categories with the same name Fix: None - GWcheck change to unique category names across all categories of the user.
100 Users missing system categories system category missing Fix: Fixed with a standard analyze/fix check for content
101 Event records without configuration Explanation Fix
102 Contact folders out of sync Explanation Fix: TID 7005073 is of some help here. Most cases do seem to come down to empty or incorrectly named personal address books. Adding an entry to the address book or correcting the naming issue and running an analyze/fix on contents for the user should resolve the problem. Closer assessment using the UNHIDEFOLDERS options may be warranted if the described conditions are not obvious.
103 Items with too many fields Explanation Fix
104 Items with too much data Explanation Fix
105 Access records in need of repair Explanation Fix
107 Proxy records in need of repair Explanation Fix