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This guide serves as a set of considerations and guidelines for Novell® GroupWise® administrators, for resolving the Errors and Problems that are listed within the report from GWCheck as the stand alone product, Via ConsoleOne or as a scheduled event.

This information here is for GroupWise 8 and the resolutions for earlier versions can and will differ!

It is a comprehensive instruction set however it is not intended to replace product manuals. Administrators using this guide should also consult product documentation, technical information documents (TIDs), and online help for further instruction regarding each of the guidelines offered here.

It is intended that this will be a “living document”; additional content will be added as it becomes available and content will be modified as necessary.

GroupWise 8 Documentation of these errors GroupWise 2012 Documentation of these errors

GWCheck Errors

Also shown in a report as "Uncorrectables" these are issues that can never be resolved automatically and require administrative input to correct.

Error Number Description Resolution/Fix
1 Insufficient memory to run GWCheck. Fix: Somewhat old message - Need more RAM.
2 GWCheck cannot access the post office database (wphost.db) Fix: Path, Mapping or file may be incorrect. PO rebuild might be required.
3 Reason Fix
4 Reason Fix
5 Reason Fix
6 Reason Fix
7 Reason Fix
8 Error reading user databases Fix
9 Error reading message databases Fix
10 Reason Fix
11 Errors starting database transaction Fix: Usually caused by database locking issues. These will most likely be married to 820E errors in the logs. Backups are usually the culprit here as we're all sure you don't allow direct access to the post office for your clients.
12 Reason Fix
13 Reason Fix
14 Reason Fix
15 Record action error An action could not be performed on a record because it was locked or could not be located
16 Users requested that do not exist on post office Fix: If using the stand alone GWCheck you have mapped your drive to the wrong post office (Obviously :) ). Please map to the actual post office the user is on. If you have mapped to the correct post office or you are using the ConsoleOne snapins to submit the maintenance request you may be dealing with a stuck move. Which is a very different problem.
17 Reason Fix
18 Reason Fix
19 Reason Fix
20 Reason Fix
21 Reason Fix
22 Database check error: IO_ACCESS_DENIED Fix
23 Reason Fix
24 Reason Fix
25 Reason Fix
26 Reason Fix
27 Reason Fix
28 Reason Fix
29 Reason Fix
30 Reason Fix
31 Reason Fix
32 Reason Fix
33 Reason Fix
34 Reason Fix
35 Reason Fix
36 Reason Fix
37 Reason Fix
38 Reason Fix
39 Reason Fix
40 Reason Fix
41 Directories full-must be cleaned to do rename Fix: Whilst performing maintenance GWCheck was not able to rename a database file. This occurs when a database has been rebuilt so many times the file names have reached *.dbz. Delete some or all of the renamed database files and re-initiate the maintenance. Oh, and find out why the database has been rebuilt 26 times.
42 Reason Fix
43 Reason Fix
44 Database invalid due to security breach Fix: This error usually presents by the client as a D115 error and should be handled with thought. It results from invalid database verification records. This verification info could be the database context within the message store (the wrong database file is in the store) or confusion involving the users GroupWise or network identity according to the database. These conditions can occur during renames, moves, restores, or just plain corruption. Running a content check with the VERIFYMODE support/misc option against the user database will resolve it in most cases. It is important to make a copy of the user database prior to the repair as there is a slim chance the fix will permanently damage the database.
45 Reason Fix
46 Reason Fix
47 Reason Fix
48 Orphaned QuickFinder index files (deleted) Fix: Running a standard analyze/fix for contents against the post office will delete the orphaned files. The next QuickFinder indexing run will recreate any needed index files.
49 Invalid QuickFinder index files (deleted) Fix: Running a standard analyze/fix for structure against the post office will delete the invalid files. The next QuickFinder indexing run will recreate any needed index files.
50 Orphaned BLOB file (deleted) or GWCheck encountered a BLOB file that was not associated with any library Fix: No Fix required. GWCheck deleted the extraneous BLOB file for you.
51 Invalid Blob files deleted Fix
52 Blob files with missing files deleted Fix
53 Blob files truncated to 0 bytes Fix
54 Reason Fix
55 Reason Fix
56 Reason Fix
57 Reason Fix
58 Reason Fix
59 Reason Fix
60 Reason Fix
61 Reason Fix
62 Reason Fix
63 Reason Fix
64 Reason Fix
65 Reason Fix
66 Reason Fix
67 Reason Fix
68 Reason Fix
69 Reason Fix
70 Reason Fix
71 Reason Fix
72 Reason Fix
73 Reason Fix
74 Reason Fix
75 Reason Fix
76 Reason Fix
77 Reason Fix
78 Reason Fix
79 Reason Fix
80 Reason Fix
81 Error handling Special Cleanup Fix: None, informational. When using special GWCheck support options, such as "itempurg" an issue was reported when cleaning up the item matching the specified criteria.
82 Reason Fix
83 Item failed to Archive Fix: The "83" Items that have failed to archive, Error code is on an email that failed to archive out of a mailbox, but is now flagged as archived. The user would have seen a D107 error during the archive. In the GWCheck log (Contents Check) you should be able to see the problem user, user database file name, who the email was from and the Subject line. Then, the administrator can go to the user and decide whether to recover the email or delete (Empty) it.
84 Reason Fix
85 Reason Fix
86 Reason Fix
87 Reason Fix
88 Reason Fix
89 Reason Fix