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This page was last modified on 08/11/2011

This wiki page details the compatibility and functionality of the Nokia e62 with Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Connector. Please contribute relevant information or corrections in our effort to facilitate end-user experience.

Note: This page is not for reporting defects and bugs. Those should be reported in the Novell Forums. Only limitations that are consequences of the nature of the phone should be reported here.

Device Summary


Currently Supported for Novell Data Synchronizer?   No
Approximate last test date:   June 2010
Ease of Setup   Poor
Email   Supported with Limitations
Contacts Supported with Limitations
Calendar   Supported with Limitations

OS Requirements:

Symbian and 2.0618.06.17 and above.

Setup Instructions

Basic instructions on getting your Mobility Pack running on your Symbian S60 v3 device:

Update Mail for Exchange to the newest version - Current 3.0.50.

1. Make sure that your Mobility Pack server is up and running and you have the following information:

  • Server address
  • Port
  • Whether the server requires a secure connection or not

2. On your Device, go to Menu > Installat. > Mail for Exchange

This dialog is displayed “You have no Mail for Exchange profile, Create profile?” > select “Yes”

3. Enter the required information:

  • Type you Email Address
  • Type anything in Domain filed
  • Enter your Mobility Pack username
  • Enter your Mobility Pack password
  • Select an access point that connects you to internet

4. Click OK. It will prompt you for your server information.

Enter your Mobility Pack server address and select whether Secure connection will be used or not. Use Default Port must be” Yes” if the server uses 80/443, otherwise change it to the right port

5. Change tab to configure other settings. Select to sync contacts and calendar items (if you wish for these items to be sync to your device)

  • When it prompts you, it is recommended that you choose to keep existing contacts and calendar items on your device.

6. When finish configuring your account, select “Options” and then “Save”

7. Device is ready to sync. Syncing should begin or it can be started manually by clicking on “Options” and then “Synchronize”-- it may take a few minutes to perform the initial sync and pull down all of your items.

SSL Considerations

  • This phone does not like self-signed or other certificates with "errors" and will ask each time a connection is made for the certificate to be verified if there is a problem with the certificate.

How to configure your mobility server to use a self-signed cert for testing purposes


Working Features:

  • Send
  • Receive
  • Forward
  • Reply
  • Reply all
  • Delete
  • Move to Folder
  • Read
  • Unread

Device Limitations (not defects):

  • Personal folders can not be open in the device


  • Since personal folders can not be open in the device a way to see mail what it contains do the following: over the folder go to Options>Copy to folder>Inbox and you will be able to see the emails on Inbox. Do that every time you need to see new email.


Working Features:

  • Create
  • Delete
  • Modify

Device Limitations (not defects):

  • Categories do not sync as Groups in the Device.



Working Features:

Device Limitations (not defects):

  • Distributed Appointments can not be created from the device


Other Notes

  • The Nokia e61 and e62 don't have anything different in their look, but what makes them different are several internal capabilities and functions. If you'd like to see the difference in these two devices click here: Difference of e61 and e62
  • Update Mail for Exchange to the newest version - Current 3.0.50.
  • While you try to sync these errors could come up in the device: “connect failed. Waiting to retry” & “Error in communication, please try again later”. Even with these errors, events may synchronize successfully.


Please do not use this wiki to report bugs or defects. Instead, use the Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack Forum or contact Novell Technical Support.

Further Reading


Thanks to the contributors for this device information!

Ismael Gutierrez. Mónica Serrato.