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The tool is RELEASED!

Released Version

  1. gwcheck from download.novell.com You may need to be logged in, if the link does NOT work for you. Go to http://download.novell.com | search for DST adjuster
  2. Instructions


  1. tzchange2007 ONLY/by itself is the less aggressive option
    1. it is less aggressive and will only adjust appts if
      1. they are in the weeks affected
      2. were created by a workstation that did not have the DST patches in place
      3. it does not touch WebAccess created appts, nor older client (pre 6.5) created appts or iCal appts
  2. tzchange2007=time_zone_code:date more aggressive option
    1. the more aggressive option will adjust everything and may end up also moving appts that are correct
    2. Users still need to check and adjust Posted events
    3. Do NOT run this option if your user has several calendars. For example: GW calendar, smartphone calendar and they sync to a Macintosh calendar. Users with Several Calendars should be advised to manually adjust appointments.

To me, this (tzchange2007=time_zone_code:date) means, that you'll adjust ALL appts based on a DATE. This DATE is when you updated all work workstations with the MS DST shift patch. So ALL calendar items before that date will be adjusted (within the 3 weeks).

From the instructions

With its second level of assistance [more aggresive mode], the DST Adjuster can accept a date indicating when your system DST updates were completed. If DST updates happened at different times, you can run the DST Adjuster with different dates for individual users or groups of users. It also requires the time zone in which the post office is located.
At the second level , the DST Adjuster still performs the first level adjustments, and it also adjusts appointments that do not include time zone information, if they were created before the specified date and are scheduled in any of the problem date ranges.
The result of this operation is that all appointments with time zone information in the affected time zones are adjusted, plus those that do not include time zone information, such as personal, posted appointments. Because the DST Adjuster assumes that appointments that do not include time zone information are from the specified time zone, there is a possibility that some appointments are adjusted that do not need to be adjusted and the result is inaccurate appointments. For details, see the GroupWise Daylight Saving Time Adjuster Readme.

Reported DST problems