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This page was last modified on 08/26/2011

This wiki page details the compatibility and functionality of the Motorola Droid 3 with Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Connector. Please contribute relevant information or corrections in our effort to facilitate end-user experience.

Note: This page is not for reporting defects and bugs. Those should be reported in the Novell Forums. Only limitations that are consequences of the nature of the phone should be reported here.

Device Summary


Currently Supported for Novell Data Synchronizer?   No
Approximate last test date:   Customer Tested
Ease of Setup   Average
Email   -
Contacts -
Calendar   -

OS Requirements:

Setup Instructions

Note: The server must have ssl on and have a valid certificate from a trusted authority in order for the device to initially connect. Once the device has connected to the server, you can edit the server settings to point it to a different Mobility server. This is a device limitation and happens whether on Microsoft Exchange or Novell Mobility Pack.


Use this method if your Microsoft Exchange server does not have a SSL certificate

Set-up a corp-sync or Exchange Activesync account

  • Use your google account to create a corporate sync account . The prompt for server name should be “m.google.com” and the prompt for user name is your gmail address (the entire email address, not simply the first half/user part). So, as an example:
    • Server: m.google.com
    • Username: username@gmail.com
  • After the account is created, go into settings -> accounts and select the EAS account created
  • In the first screen, un-check the option "Verify Certificate"
  • Change the credentials to the account needed

See Trouble connecting to Exchange with Droid 3 on Motorola Support Forums for more information.

SSL Considerations


Working Features:

Device Limitations (not defects):



Working Features:

Device Limitations (not defects):



Working Features:

Device Limitations (not defects):


Other Notes


Please do not use this wiki to report bugs or defects. Instead, use the Novell Data Synchronizer Forums or call Novell Support.

Further Reading


Thanks to the contributors for this device information!

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