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my scratch pad on droid

complimentary goods

  1. http://www.gearlog.com/2009/10/motorola_droid_car_kit_bedside.php
  2. invisible shield


  1. Google docs, and Tasks syncing
    1. gtasks from marketplace
    2. GDocs Notepad with Sync
  2. GPS with voice navigation
  3. imap work email
    1. one thing to note is the IMAP Path Prefix. on the DROID leave it blank. that way you can see all your folders
  4. Getting Groupwise calendar to droid/google calendar
    1. Use the Windows Groupwise Client to Export current calendar items
      1. http://wiki.novell.com/images/c/c2/Export.JPG
    2. Import exported items into google calendar (gcal)
      1. http://wiki.novell.com/images/9/92/Import.JPG
  5. Now lets configure a solution to auto-post new calendar items from GWcal to Gcal
    1. Create a GW rule that delegates "filed items" to your gmail account
      1. http://wiki.novell.com/images/thumb/4/4e/GwRule.JPG/642px-GwRule.JPG
    2. Create a filter rule in gmail to auto-accept and post forwarded email
      1. google calendar settings | general | Automatically add invitations to my calendar YES
      2. Now go to gmail email settings | filters |
        1. http://wiki.novell.com/images/a/a2/GmailFilter.JPG
    3. Test the rule(s) and post a NEW calendar item to your work calendar. It should show up on your google calendar, AND your droid.
    4. Now we have old calendar items and future calendar sync'n from work to google cal. :)
    1. I used google sync on my blackberry to sync my 1400 contacts to google contacts.
      1. First my google contacts was a mess, so I just deleted all my contacts.
      2. then I installed and sync'd google sync on my BB (this took a lot of data/bandwidth and kept failing. I retried several times until I got everything.
      3. I used gmail contacts to remove some very old duplicates and merged them. This was worth it right there!
  7. Using the droid as an aircard AKA tethering the droid

Things I really like about the droid

  1. Voice navigation GPS
  2. google apps integration
  3. reveal reader for lds scriptures/books.
  4. apps apps and more apps
  5. like a netbook that has a phone.
  6. wifi for large downloads
  7. unlimited data plan. My bb had 10mb and I had to be careful not to go over each month
  8. Able to MOUNT the SD card without removing the battery and place pictures/music/files on it from Linux
    1. top menu when connected to USB cable | mount file system | then it shows up on your SLED desktop.
  9. gtask is handy for managing tasks

Things I WISH the droid did, or did better

  1. direct dial, hold down a key on the keyboard and it dials someone.
    1. my workaround is creating a shortcut, direct dial "page" and I switch screens to that page that has all my direct dials.
    2. or making the contact a fav, and then they show up as a fav in the fav tab of the phone gadget
  2. I can't seem to get outgoing stmp to be secure (SSL/TLS)
  3. I like the blackberry buttons for the keyboard better.
  4. alerts/notification based on time of day and day of week. So you get alerted of email from 7-10:30pm, but not after 10:30pm
  5. Custom ringtone for incoming txt msg and calendar. I found where you can put your custom ringtone for incoming calls.
    1. create a notifications directory and put custom ringtones in there.
  6. keeps ringing even after taking hold of the phone on a txt msg
  7. the volume button is too sensitive

getting two google voice numbers to ring on one cell phone

  1. many people desire to have 2 google voice numbers ring on one cell phone. This is how I did it.
    1. set your cell phone number in each google voice account as WORK (non-cell). This is currently allowed. Understand you will lose sms/text messaging, but if you go into the settings you can forward sms/txt to your email address.
  2. see the thread on this and request google voice to implement this: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/voice/thread?tid=0756a04e484420b5&hl=en

subscribing google calendar from GroupWise

you want to subscribe to your google calendar FROM inside groupwise, so you see both calendars within Groupwise.

I'd put this on wiki.novell.com...but its currently down :(

create a NEW sub-calendar in your GW calendar (color it).

go to google cal settings and download the PRIVATE ICAL link (save as).

Now go back to GW | right click your main calendar | import | browse to saved file | import MAKE SURE YOU select your new colored calendar


So, now we can go both directions....kind of ;)

google voice request for enhancement

  1. outbound pick list for 2 gvoice on smart phone. So, when you dial it asks you which gvoice number to call to.
  2. sms inbound to two gvoice numbers, but forward to one cell phone
  3. PRIORITY ONE. Port home phone number to google voice.