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How to deploy supportconfig to many servers and collect supportconfig from many servers.

  1. download
  2. install mooty on one machine
    1. bash --install
      1. example: bash -install
      2. when asked, go ahead and install power shell
    2. --upgrade
  3. scan network for ssh listening devices
    1. /root/bin/m.scan_lan
    2. cd $m to change into mooty's directory
    3. l | grep list
      1. note list:
    4. modify and ensure you will hit only the servers you want to hit.
      1. gedit
    5. mv to /var/lib/mooty/
    6. mv list.nov master.list
    7. /root/bin/m.copy_ids -l master.list
      1. when prompted for ssh key sig or ssh password enter that
  4. deploy supportutils
    1. m.hyper_deploy supportutilsTAB /root/
      1. example: /root/bin /m.hyper_deploy /home/minime/ifolder/novell/tools/utils/supportconfig/supportutils-1.20-12.1.noarch.rpm /root/
  5. install supportutils
    1. s.hyper_exec "rpm -ivh /root/supportutilsTAB"
      1. example: /root/bin/s.hyper_exec "rpm -ivh /root/supportutils-1.20-12.1.noarch.rpm"
    2. watch -tnl "ps ef | grep screen"
  6. to gather supportconfigs
    1. Jason added an enhancement for me to allow nts_customername_servername_date_time.tar.gz
      1. /root/bin/s.hyper_exec "supportconfig -B nvwelf%s%d%t -u"
    2. if you desire to have the supporconfig output to all start with say, CustomerName, then modify the /sbin/supportconfig file to look like this:
      1. first change the permissions on the /sbin/supportconfig so you can modify it
      2. change from: BASE="nts_${SC_SRV}_${SC_TIME}"
      3. change to: BASE="CustomerName_nts_${SC_SRV}_${SC_TIME}"
    3. deploy out the new supportconfig script that has your hard coded CustomerName
      1. /root/bin/m.hyper_deploy /sbin/supportconfig /sbin/supportconfig
    4. /root/bin/s.hyper_exec "supportconfig -U ''"
  7. or
    1. s.serial_exec mkdir /var/log/nts_files/
    2. s.serial_exec mv /var/log/nts*.tar* /var/log/nts_files/
    3. s.hyper_get /var/log/nts_files/
    4. topls

creating a central supportconfig repository

tracking and restoring system changes with mooty jic

  3. <paste> Installs a small filesystem payload that includes the Mooty working directory, some common distributables like the Powershell Profile, and the Just In Case (jic) backup code, and other valuable Mooty framework elements. (Payload installs under /var/lib/mooty/)
  4. /usr/share/doc/packages/mooty # less
  5. /var/lib/mooty/lib/freecans # ./