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Migrating a DNS Service from NetWare to Linux

Being reasonably new to Linux myself I decided to simplify the DNS migration steps supplied by Novell for those administrators embarking on the migration of services from NetWare to Linux. This process was tested migrating the DNS from a Netware 6.5 server to a SLES 9 SP3 server. The process should work in exactly the same way if you're migrating to SLES 10 or OES 1 (Linux).

Installing the DNS server

  1. Start YaST with the command yast.
  2. Select Software -> Install and Remove Software. Press enter.
  3. Begin a search in YaST by pressing alt+s.
  4. Search for the package named bind.
  5. Select the bind package using the space bar, ensuring that it shows a + next to the package.
  6. Accept the installation of the package by pressing alt+a.
  7. YaST will prompt you for your installation CD, and initiate the copy and install process.

Setting up the zones on the destination server

I have included both methods for configuring the zones on the destination server. If you are uncomfortable working with the command line on a Linux server please use the "Via YaST" method below. For those with a more low level approach please use the method named "Manually" below.

Via YaST

  1. If YaST isn't already open, start it with the command yast.
  2. Select Network Services -> DNS Server. Press enter.
  3. Move the cursor six down to DNS zones.
  4. Tab to zone name field.
  5. Type in the name of the zone you need to create, select the type, then press alt+a to add the zone.
  6. The above step needs to be repeated for all the zones which you will be migrating to this server.
  7. When you have completed adding the zones, press alt+f to finish the setup.


NOTE: Do not under any circumstances run the DNS service in YaST before the process explained here is complete, it will nullify any changes that have been made. Please review the samples below for the following steps.

  1. Copy the file named "/NetWare_Server/sys/ETC/DNS/named.con" to your workstation (NOTE:the filename is named.con not named.conf)
  2. Remove all lines starting with novell
  3. Remove the ".db" extension on file references
  4. Ensure that the formatting matches that of the SLES samples below
  5. Connect to the linux server via SSH software of your choice
  6. Type "vi /etc/named.conf"
  7. Scroll down to the paragraph that looks like Figure 1
  8. Go down to below the "};", insert a line if necesary.
  9. Copy the formatted zone information retrieved from the NetWare server
  10. Paste it into the file
  11. press "ESC" and then press "wq" and "Enter"
  12. Type the following "cp /etc/named.conf /var/lib/named/etc/named.conf" and press "Enter"
  13. Proceed to section named "Migrating the zone data"

Figure 1

# Include the meta include file generated by createNamedConfInclude.  This
# includes all files as configured in NAMED_CONF_INCLUDE_FILES from
# /etc/sysconfig/named

include "/etc/named.conf.include";
logging {
       category default { default_syslog; };

Configuration File Examples

NetWare Master Zone Sample

zone "example1.com." IN {
file "example1.com.db";
novell_designated-server "DNS_MASTER.SERVICES";
novell_zone-servers {"DNS_MASTER.SERVICES";};
type master;
novell_zone-mod-time 1175607414;
novell_zone-creation-time 1174558752;
novell_zone-dn "example1_com.Services";

NetWare Slave Zone Sample

zone "example.com." IN {
file "example.com.db";
novell_designated-server "DNS_MASTER.SERVICES";
novell_zone-servers {"DNS_MASTER.SERVICES";};
masters {;};
type slave;
novell_zone-mod-time 1178612110;
novell_zone-creation-time 1178611863;
novell_zone-dn "example_com.SERVICES";

SLES Master Zone Sample

zone "example1.com" in {
file "master/example1.com";
type master;

SLES Slave Zone Sample

zone "example.com" in {
masters {; };
type slave;

Migrating the zone data

  1. Each DNS server has a copy of the zone files in SYS:\ETC\DNS. The zone files have the file extension ".db". Be aware of whether your NetWare server is setup as a 'master' / 'primary' or 'slave' / 'secondary'.
  2. Copy the zone files for the master zones you wish to migrate from your source NetWare server to /var/lib/named/master on your destination server.
  3. Copy the zone files for the slave zones from your source NetWare server to /var/lib/named/slave on your destination server.
  4. Remove the .db extension from each file. Assuming the zone is example.com, you can use the command mv example.com.db example.com.

Starting the service

All the commands below are actioned from the command line, either on the server console or via SSH.

Manual startup

  1. Start the DNS Server through the command rcnamed start.
  2. Check that the service has started with the command chkconfig named. The command should display named on.

Automatic startup

If you require the service to start at boot time the following commands will ensure that this happens for the correct run levels.

  1. type "chkconfig -l named", this will return a response similar to "named 0:off 1:off 2:off 3:on 4:off 5:on 6:off". In this case the service will start at boot for runlevels 3 & 5 which is correct for most systems.
  2. If the above step displayed off for all the runlevels you can add it by typing "chkconfig -a named", this will automatically add the service to the correct runlevels. You can verify this step by using "chkconfig -l named" again.
  3. If however you wish the service not to start at boot you can type "chkconfig -d named" which will remove automatic startup from all runlevels.