Creating an eGuide Search Box

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Peter Wass wrote a cool solution article on how to create an eGuide Search Box.

He says that a form like this will do the trick:

<form name="eGuidesearch" method="post" action="http://<host>/eGuide/servlet/eGuide">
<input name="val1">
<input name="val2">
<input type=hidden name="Directory.uid" value="your_directory">
<input type=hidden name="Object.uid" value="USER">
<input type=hidden name="attr1" value="LASTNAME">
<input type=hidden name="crit1" value="co">
<input type=hidden name="aoval1" value="or">
<input type=hidden name="attr2" value="GIVENNAME">
<input type=hidden name="crit2" value="co">
<input type=hidden name="EXTAction" value="list.get">

Using Novell eGuide 2.1.2, the <input type=hidden name=EXTAction value=List.get> won't work. Only <input type=hidden name=Action value=List.get> works, but with only the eGuide list frame loading.

Does anyone know if this cool solution relies on Peter's previous cool solution?