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Azure Licensing

There are many Microsoft Azure license options, and they mapping between the pretty names in the Azure or Office portals and the way User App shows it in the Resource GUI to select entitlement values are not easily decoded.

A good resource to try and figure out what services Office 365 offers is at the Jump to 365 site. They actually ask that you embed it, so lets see if that works.

The Problem

The problem is the GUI in User App looks something like this, when you try to select a license to add as an Entitlement value to a Resource.


You can see the Name column needs translating. The Description column also requires some explanation. Since it only has three major examples in my example, lets start with Description.

The example shown is for a Education license setup, with the A1, A1 Plus, and A3 licenses enabled.

License Options


If you can figure out what the IW in the A1 Plus license means, edit it in here please.

In terms of licenses, at least some of the types are:

Small Business

  • Business Essentials
  • Business
  • Business Premium


  • Enterprise E1
  • Enterprise E3
  • Enterprise E5
  • Enterprise F1


  • Edu A1
  • Edu A3
  • Edu A5

US Government

  • US Gov G1
  • US Gov G3
  • US Gov G5
  • US Gov F1

Types of Services

Next we need to translate the name column. Microsoft says that you should simply use PowerShell to see what licenses your tenant supports.

Get-MsolAccountSku | Select -ExpandProperty ServiceStatus

The problem is that the format you get is the Service Plan name is not always helpful.

For example, one value returned is: SWAY Ok, that is Sway. That was easy.

Ok hotshot, pop quiz. What is MCOSTANDARD then?

Did you know it was Skype for Business Online? I think the MCO stands for Microsoft Communicator Online, so if you know the history that Skype had a different name at one point, you can guess this, but if you did not, well, good luck.

Some of the major values are 'well defined'. But there are many, that are seen in the Entitlment value list that are just obtuse.

As an example, here are some of the values I have found.

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