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Apache 2.0.59 (SLES 9)

Worker MPM

MaxClients = ThreadsPerChild*StartServers

ThreadsPerChild threads in each process, so MaxClients / ThreadsPerChild = the number of processes you will top out at

min/max need to be multiples of threadperchild. maxsparethreads < maxClients means you see child processes being reaped when there's a momentary lull, which will sever your keepalive connections.

1600 concurrent connection setup:
ServerLimit 25
StartServers 25
MinSpareThreads 800
MaxSpareThreads 1600
MaxClients 1600
ThreadsPerChild 64
MaxRequestsPerChild 0
MaxKeepAliveRequests 0
TimeOut 10
KeepAliveTimeout 15

Prefork MPM