Already Processing Errors on Windows 98

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At two of our locations, we're having problems with Zen App Objects not launching on Windows 98 systems. If you double click them a second time, they show an "Already Processing" dialog.

Some of the symptoms include:

  • it's an intermittent and random problem
  • logging in as a different user will suddenly get the apps that were stuck in the "Already Processing" state to launch
  • right clicking on a Zen folder in the start menu and choosing "refresh" will sometimes get them unstuck
  • deleting and recreating the App Objects will temporarily resolve the problem for some users
  • it's not consistent to the same user accounts, i.e. the same user will have different results by logging into different machines
  • application dependencies seem to be part of the problem, at one location, we made simple app objects that had no dependencies and were available only to windows 98 and that is funtioning as a work around for us

Things that we have tried:

  • uninstalling/reinstall the ZfD 4.0.1 IR 5 agents
  • installing the ZfD 4.0.1 IR 6 agents
  • copious dsrepairs and dstraces
  • moving the master replica for that container to the local server rather than keeping it on one of our "root" servers
  • turning on logging, the logs show that when the Zen agents are trying to read the attributes of the App Objects, they are getting "Nil" back
  • deleting and recreating the app objects
  • turning off all user extensible policies
  • delete, recreating, and repopulating user group objects
  • building a fresh workstation image

In one building/container, we had resort to using a batch file to copy .lnk files to the local workstation and forgo the use of icons provided by naldesk.exe in order for users with Win98 workstations to be able to consistently launch all apps without getting the "already processing" error.

In another building/container, creating a separate set of simple app objects that had no application dependencies and were set to only be available to Windows 98 did the trick.

In a third location/container, we're not having the problem with Windows 98 at all, so it seems like it is somehow eDirectory related, but we can't determine what is different in the 3 containers that would be affecting Windows 98 workstations ability to reliably read App Object attributes, but is not affecting Windows 2000 or XP in any of these 3 containers.

I searched every TID I can find that remotely relates to this and have come up with nothing and I've looked on the support forums and not found a solution. So, I'm hoping that posting this here in the wiki maybe someone who knows the answer to our troubles will be able to help.