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After GroupWise 6.5 upgrade, the multi Calendar does not display properly/correctly.


  1. GW 6.5 gw656up1e was upgraded to gw 703 hp1
  2. GW was installed as xorginstall and then upgraded as newuser (both members of Administrators NT group)


  1. Unable to view calendar
  2. click on blank calendar GPFs the GroupWise client.


  1. it was found that about 10% of the workstations did NOT update the c:\novell\groupwise\GWDTCTRL.DLL during the upgrade. Uninstalling the gw 7 client and re-installing the gw 7 client ALWAYS fixed the issue.
  2. One can use ZENworks to rename GWDTCTRL.DLL so the gw 7 install will force it down.


  1. Very difficult to duplicate. Tried slamming in corrupted/bad registry from problem workstations.
  2. compare the working and non-working c:\novell\groupwise directory - AFTER upgrade and observe differences.

Ok, here are the results of my lab.

  1. I installed the EXACT same gw 65 client as the dll you sent me
  2. I installed 65 as a user called swinstall
  3. logged into gw/rebooted
  4. logged in as a diff. user - called newuser (both users in admin group) and upgraded it to 703 hp1

The install successfully updated this problem dll (gwdtctrl).