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  1. GroupWise 8 prompts users to update the client from the software distribution directory
    1. setup.cfg and set the [AutoUpdate] Enable=No
    2. software.INF build number is set to 1, yet it STILL prompts the end user to update.
  3. FIX
    1. looked at POA logs and found that the POA: Unable to access Software Distribution Directory
      1. went into consoleone and set the SDD LINUX path properly.
    2. cat /gw/software/client/software.inf and there was not hard return after the 1, so added that and restarted POA.
    3. Noticed the POA running as root, and most access is samba with gwadmin.
      1. chmod 777 /gw/software/client/software.inf
      2. chmod 777 /gw/software/client/setup.cfg
        1. restarted POA and NOW user NO LONGER gets prompted to update :), now we can deploy client with ZENworks.